KAMRUI GK3 Pro Mini PC 16GB RAM 512GB M.2 SSD, Intel 11th Gen N5105 (up to 2.9GHz) Mini PC Windows 11 Pro, 2.5-inch SSD, Gigabit Ethernet, 4K UHD, WiFi, BT, VESA/Home/Business Mini Desktop Computer

Product Features
  • 【NEW GENERATION CPU-N5105】--Newest 11th Gen Intel Celeron Jasper Lake N5105 Quad-Core CPU, Up to 2.9GHz. Compared with Gemini Lake (J4125/N5095/N5100), GK3PRO MINI PC N5105 CPU performance +35%, GPU +78%, more powerful performance and smoother running. Intel UHD Graphics 800 handles like browsing internet, reading email, editing documents, home office, and more with ease, even for professional uses like photos editing, with a user experience close to a desktop computer.
  • 【16GB RAM 512GB SSD UP TO 2TB】--KAMRUI mini pc with high-speed 16GB DDR4, Built-in 512GB M.2 2280 SSD.16GB of RAM memory makes your entire system speedy and responsive. That way it can support tasks like memory-hogging multitab browsing and opening a huge graphic file quickly and easily. If you want more storage space, you can also add a 2.5"" SSD (no included) to expand the memory upgrade storage to 2TB to expand the memory wonderful safety data bank.
  • 【SMALL BUT POWERFUL PC】--MINI PC Silver Series has a great texture. The mini computer measures only 5.1 in * 5.1 in * 1.96 in, you can be easily placed in crowded workstations or small spaces. Because of the small size to put under you big screen TV for internet movies instead of just limited by the smart TV paid options. You can also mount a MINI PC behind a computer monitor using VESA, and turn your monitor into a pseudo "All-in-One" which is cool. Gives you a clean and uncluttered desktop environment.
  • 【IMPRESSIVE GRAPHICS】--KAMRUI mini computer comes with Intel Graphics 800, Supports HD (3840×2160), 4K@60GHz three screen display(2X HDIM+VGA). Images come alive with new levels of realism, text is sharp and clear, and colors are more vibrant. You can enjoy 4K Web surfing, video playback, watching TV, home theater, and enjoy the entertainment with your family. Dual HDMI Ports, easily connecting 3 monitors, reduce waiting time, efficiency doubled Work, Entertaining and Creation.
  • 【MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS】--KAMRUI micro computer comes with Gigabit Ethernet supports, 2.4G+5.0G dual band WiF and Bluetooth 4.2. Simply compatible – All your existing apps work. It which could be connected with your mouse, acoustics or headset. It can work with server, monitoring equipment, office equipment, monitor, projector, TV and so on. Built-in fan cooling so you don"t have to worry about multitasking overheating your product.
  • 【Why KAMRUI】--Easy to learn, Easy to set up. KAMRUI micro pc preinstalled with Windows 11 Pro out of the box. KAMRUI mini pc small and exquisite, It can be put in a bag and taken away at any time, ideal for business travel. KAMRUI includes 1 x J4125 Mini PC, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x VESA Mount, 1 x User Manual, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 year quality after sales service.

Manufacturer Information
  • 1 x N5105 Mini PC Windows 11 Pro
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 1 x VESA Mount with Screws
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual
  • KAMRUI MINI PC Windows 11 16GB RAM+512GB SSD- NEW 11th GEN CPU-N5105

    Processor CPU Intel Celeron Jasper Lake N5105 (Quad core, 2.00GHz-2.9GHz)
    Graphics Coprocessor Intel UHD Graphics 450MHz-800MHz
    Memory/ RAM 16GB DDR4
    Hard Drive/ ROM 512GB SSD/ Support add 2.5 '' SATA SSD/HDD expand storage to 2TB( 2.5'' SSD not included)
    Operating system Windows 11 Pro
    4K Support 4K@60Hz(4096x2160)
    WIFI WiFi 5, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
    Dimension 5.1 in*5.1 in*1.96 in
    Weight 0.86 KG
    Output interface 2xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, 2x HDMI+VGA, 1xRJ45, 1xMIC-IN, 1xDC Port, 1xAUDIO-OUT, Built-in fan
    Package Included 1 x N5105 GK3PRO Mini PC, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x VESA Mount, 1 x HDMI Cable, 1 x User Manual

    Windows 11 Operating System


    KAMRUI GK3PRO took the performance and user experience to a whole new level, GK3PRO is armed with Newest 11th Generation Intel Celeron N5105 processor with turbo frequency up to 2.9GHz, Intel UHD Graphics GPU,16GB DDR4 high-speed memory and 512GB solid-state drive storage.


    Small Size & Travel-Friendly

    • MINI PC compact travel friendly, meaning you can take it anywhere, whether it's an office, carry on luggage for plane trips or in a backpack.


    Wi-Fi 5.0 & Bluetooth 4.2

    • Micro pc Wi-Fi 5G & Bluetooth 4.2 allows you to quickly download files or videos with stable and reliable speeds indoors or outdoors.


    Built-in Cooling Fan

    • Cools the computer components through air cooling, make sure the machine doesn't overheat, improving the response speed of the computer at work.


    Enjoy Faster Transfer Speed

    • USB 3.0 transfers 10 times faster than USB 2.0.
    • 2x USB 2.0
    • 2x USB 3.0

    1. mini pc

      Intel Graphics 800

      Enjoy HD 4K Visual Feast

      Enjoy 4K UHD home theate, Football games, NBA , MCU, Images come alive, colors are more vibrant.

    2. 1

      Faster, more storage

      Upgrade to larger storage

      • Add 2.5 inch SATA SSD/HDD upgrade storage to 2TB
      • Replace the M.2 SATA SSD
      • Add a removable hard drive

    3. 1

      Quad core processor

      Newest Intel Celeron Processor

      Compared with Gemini Lake (J4125/N5095/N5100), GK3PRO MINI PC N5105 CPU performance +35%, GPU +78%.

    4. 1

      4K UHD (2*HDMI+VGA)

      Increasing Your Productivity

      Good for Home entertainment, Movie, Video conference.

    5. 1

      Multiple Connections

      Fast Connect, Safe and Stable

      Simply compatible – All your existing apps work.

    1 4K@60Hz(4096x2160) 2 16GB RAM + 512GB M.2 SSD 3 Intel Jasper Lake N5105 4 4K Three Screen Display 5 WIFI 5+Bluetooth 4.2

    NEW Windows 11 Pro

    KAMRUI MINI PC has been updated to the latest Windows system version Windows 11, you can use it directly!

    KAMRUI MINI PC also supports Windows 10 pro, we have Windows 10 pro related files if you need.

    What is the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11?

    Windows 11 has all the power and security of Windows 10 with a redesigned and refreshed look. It also comes with new tools, sounds, and apps. Every detail has been considered.Some Windows 10 features are not available in Windows 11

    How to enter the BIOS?

    First Press the power button, press the Delete key to enter the BIOS, then select boot,Then press Enter to enter the system priority boot menu and set the flash drive to priority boot,Then enter save

    Choose KAMRUI, Choose Professional Mini PC




    8GB+128GB/Office PC


    16GB+256GB/Office PC


    12GB+256GB/Business PC


    16GB+256GB/Business PC



    Intel Celeron Processor N5105 Intel Celeron Processor J4125 Intel Celeron Processor J4125 Intel Celeron Processor J4125 Intel Celeron Processor J4125 Intel Celeron Processor J4125
    Operating System
    Windows 11 Pro Windows 11 Pro Windows 11 Pro Windows 11 Pro Windows 11 Pro Windows 10 Pro (64bit)
    Graphics Coprocessor
    Intel Ultra HD Graphics 800 Ⅰntel Ultra HD Graphics 600 Ⅰntel Ultra HD Graphics 600 Ⅰntel Ultra HD Graphics 600 Ⅰntel Ultra HD Graphics 600 Ⅰntel Ultra HD Graphics 600
    Memory/ RAM
    Hard Drive/ ROM
    512GB M.2 SSD 128GB M.2 SSD 256GB M.2 SSD 256GB M.2 SSD 256GB M.2 SSD 128 GB eMMC
    Base/Burst Frequency
    2.00 GHz/2.90 GHz 2.00 GHz/2.70 GHz 2.00 GHz/2.70 GHz 2.00 GHz/2.70 GHz 2.00 GHz/2.70 GHz 2.00 GHz/2.70 GHz
    Dual Band WIFI
    2.4G/5G 2.4G/5G 2.4G/5G 2.4G/5G 2.4G/5G 2.4G/5G
    Output interface
    Auto Power On

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